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Changing Direction

We have had a stressy morning.  First, the hubster’s alarm didn’t go off…. He woke at exactly the time the train left the station. On the morning of the interview for the PhD’s. 
Whilst he was getting, I drove into town to get money from the hole in the wall and pick up his ticket from the station to save him time. 
Kids had to be woken up so that we could bring him to the station.  The train he would catch brings him into Dublin in time but it is cutting it fine – living on the edge!.
We absolutely hate being late so I hope he doesn’t get too stressy there.

So, kids have been awake since 6am, they played well together most of the time and wound each other up like always but we were in the car on  time to go to school.

On the way…..
A car came out in front of me on the “fast road” the name we give the back road because there is less traffic. So this woman, drove 40 km in a 60km zone.  Slammed the brakes on when a car drove on the other side *sigh* At first I was moaning about it (following on with the mood of the morning).  Kids started playing up, feeding off my winge  and then I started saying “OOOh a car” with a surprised sounding voice.  I did this every time a car came from the other side or when we approached a roundabout.
This totally lifted the mood in the car.  Giggles and excited chatter came from the back.  This led into big belly chuckles from the kids and they started making up their own “surprises”.   

Boy child: “OOOH! A graveyard”,
Girl child: “OOOH! A skeleton!”
Boy child: “OOOH! A brain, mmm eat the brain”
Me: “Gatver!” (Dutch for minging 😉 )
Kids: Laughing so loud!

It turned into pure silliness but do you know what? Doesn’t matter because we were all laughing together! 🙂



More good news! Hubster just text.  He is already in the taxi and on his way to the interview – half an hour early! Wooooohooooo! 

Now let’s get crochet projects finished to sell 🙂 And coffee, we can’t forget coffee 😀


About tulipandthistlecrochet

A Scot (thistle) married to a Dutch man (tulip) and two children (shamrocks) living in Ireland and 2 French Bulldogs (Fleur de Lis). Discovered crochet last year, love it. Enjoys baking cooking, going for walks with the family. Degree on hold and moving back to the city after "doing rural" the last 8 years.

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  1. A game we love playing in the car is pretending we’re either secret agents or the bad guys (doesn’t really matter which) and the other side are chasing us.
    Obviously I don’t speed up, but the kids keep an eye out and if there’s a car behind us, that’s them and we have to find ways of escaping etc.
    (usually we make them run out of petrol, particularly when they’re getting too close)
    I haven’t really explained that very well, but I hope you get what I mean 😉

    • Yes! That is a great game! When my eldest child started talking about “bad guys” we used that as a distraction in the car… “Where are they” and “Did you see that” 😀
      I think I will use your game next time we go in on a long journey. 🙂


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