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Family finding frogs with Frenchies and Friends

We were invited to a friends’ parents’ house.  Our friend had dug out a pond on the grounds and there were frog and tadpoles.

The house was really in the middle of nowhere, through a gate in between 2 houses and down a beaten track.  We got stuck halfway up so I had to take over the driving whilst the hubster pushed to get us back on the track.  The commentary from the back seat was hilarious, talk about DRAMA! 

Shamrock 1(4 year old) – “OH MY GAWD!”

Shamrock 2 (7 year old) – ” I knew we shouldn’t have come here”

And on it went whilst I was edging the car forward and hubster was pushing with all his might living up to the bumper sticker
“I would rather push a Volvo than drive a Ford”

Holding my breath just a little bit longer we arrived at the house. The house and grounds were amazing, I did not imagine it would look how it did.  It was like driving into a secret garden. 




Our first mission was to look through the swamp *cough* I mean pond to look for the tadpoles to show the kids.









As if the amazing adventure wasn’t enough, as we were in the house the cat began meowing all of a sudden.  Shamrock 1 kept looking at the cat (who was laying in the dogs basket) and asking what she was licking.  I presumed the cat was doing what all cats do and just said that she was cleaning herself. After the 4th time asking and looking intently, I had a look.  I don’t even know what it looked like but saw a wee black shape writhing about then out popped another! This cat was literally having kittens!  The kids were delighted!




About tulipandthistlecrochet

A Scot (thistle) married to a Dutch man (tulip) and two children (shamrocks) living in Ireland and 2 French Bulldogs (Fleur de Lis). Discovered crochet last year, love it. Enjoys baking cooking, going for walks with the family. Degree on hold and moving back to the city after "doing rural" the last 8 years.

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  1. Diddlysquat

    Hahaha! How did you get out??

    • 😀 We managed it, I am sure it is because I held my breath the whole drive on the track.
      I should have mentioned that the hill into the grounds was incredibly steep so it was a bit hairy driving out again .

  2. How lovely! What an adventure!


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