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Making tablet

Tablet, of the sweet variety is said to come from Scotland.

It is similar to fudge in colour but has a hard, crumbly, melt in your mouth texture.

Tonight I made a batch for biggest shamrock’s school to sell at the jumble sale.
Since a few people asked for the recipe, I thought I would write it here.

Edited to add photos and tweak.the instructions.

So, you will need ;

a HUGE heavy based pan. Non stick won’t be good for this.
A long handled wooden spoon.
A glass of water
A plate to rest your spoon. This will also help you gauge the difference in colour.
A buttered large shallow baking tray.


1kg granulated sugar
100g butter
Tin of condensed milk (397g) I prefer to use Farmlea or Aldi version.
A cup of milk.
Vanilla (optional)


Pour the sugar into the pan, add the milk, stir until it starts to melt, add butter over medium heat, keep stirring until the granules have melted.
Slowly bring to the boil then pour in the condensed milk. Β Raise the temperature and bring to the boil. Stirring all the time.



BEWARE this mixture is extremely hot so please be careful when stirring.




The plate shows how the colour begins to change.


Still stirring the mixture, reduce the heat until the tablet simmers gently.

Stir continuously.


Test the mixture by scooping some mixture out of the pot and putting it in the glass of water. When the mixture makes a sort of ball shape (I tried to show it in the above photo).

Now that the mixture is ready, here is the part where you can earn an extra piece of tablet.

Take the pan off the heat. Using the long handled wooden spoon, you need to beat the mixture with pure muscle.

Please be careful for splashes.

You need to beat until the mixture is smooth, approximately 10-15 minutes.


Now quickly pour the mixture into the buttered baking tray.


I can’t pour mine in the one go due to the weight of the pot and my height so try and get someone to help with this part.

Let the tablet cool for about 20 minutes and cut your portions already. This will ensure nice clean cuts…. Unless you would like the “rustic” effect πŸ˜‰




A few ways that I have presented the tablet





I quickly ccrocheted two wee pouches to hold the tablet for Christmas gifts.

For reference, the varying colours of the making of tablet


The author takes no responsibility for burns, weight gain or health issues,arising from this delicious sweetie πŸ˜‰


About tulipandthistlecrochet

A Scot (thistle) married to a Dutch man (tulip) and two children (shamrocks) living in Ireland and 2 French Bulldogs (Fleur de Lis). Discovered crochet last year, love it. Enjoys baking cooking, going for walks with the family. Degree on hold and moving back to the city after "doing rural" the last 8 years.

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