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Made a Lego bag for easy tidying (with photos)

My husband always talked about a storage/ tidy bag which can help cut tidy time.
It sounded perfect and exactly what we needed to help keep the Boxes and boxes of Lego under control.

We couldn’t source suitable fabric locally so when we were in Dublin we popped into Ikea to have a look at their fabric.
The fabric I needed had to be sturdy to allow Lego to become mobile so that we could take it to the caravan in the Summer.

The Mum in Law brought her sewing machine to let me have a go and to help make the bag.

Ikea didn’t have what I was looking for…. Until I reached one of my favourite departments, the “Discount Corner” (I am Scottish after all, not to mention married to a Dutchman ;))

Right at the back there was a whole pile of material and stuffing. In amongst this was a settee cover… It was big, red and a sturdy type of material.

We held it open and saw that we could take off the atm parts and we would be left with a straightforward shape which we needed to work with.
If we were clever we wouldn’t need to use the sewing machine. I am not much of a sewer.
I then remembered that I could buy eyelets, the ones used for curtains. When buying them I came across the eyelet border.

Fast forward a couple of months, we finally managed to put it together.

First, I cut one huge piece of fabric and placed the (already cut to size eyelet border) along one edge. I drew circles inside the circles of the border.


When the circles have been cut out, line up the holes, place the opened eyelet under and over the holes and press until you hear a click.


Carry this on all around until you have the desired amount.


This is the opposite side of the finished piece of material.

Shamrock one was helping pub them on whilst Shamrock 2 used “her hammer” to make sure they were secure.

Tulip found the rope which was to become the drawstring and we all helped thread it through.
I liked how the sides still stood when the rope wasn’t let go too far open. This will make sure the Lego doesn’t get spread around too far.


I need to find a way that we can adjust the tension of the rope easily.

Now it was time to test it out and fill it with Lego


One box first to see how it would cope with that load. Then another… We couldn’t test out any more as the kids had already dived in and were playing with the Lego before the photoshoot finished.


Tidying up went just as smoothly as playing with it.



I need to finish off the edges for aesthetic purposes but I am pretty pleased with the result.

Next step a bigger one, first it will have to endure caravan play.

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