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“Selfie Slouchie” by Mandie (Tulip and Thistle Crochet)

People who like my page on Facebook Tulip and Thistle Crochet will be in no doubt as to what my favourite yarn is…… Lumio by SMC, US Facebook page. It comes in ten colours, all with a strip of reflector thread running through it.

It is like a ball of magic. In broad daylight, it looks just like normal yarn… Until a car with headlights on drives by or someone takes a photo with the flash on. This happens….



See, magic! 😀 Top photo is taken with the flash off and the bottom with the flash on.

Usually I get bored of hats or forget to take them but I really wanted to make a hat with this yarn. I trawled through millions of hat patterns. Then I saw slouch hats and started leaning towards them.

There are loads of patterns out there, all just not what I was looking for. It was either for another weight of wool or I didn’t have the correct crochet hook for it. So, I ended up winging it and came up with the following pattern.

I came up with the name after I took soooo many selfies to try and capture the shine from the reflector strip.

503 679 680

Only a small selection of selfies.

This particular hat was made whilst sitting in the back of the car between the wee shamrocks so I wasn’t able to write down instructions so this is written from memory.  I have another hat to make soon so I will double check  the instructions.

Or, if anybody has a go at it, maybe you can tell me if I have forgotten something.

UK terms are used in this pattern.


8mm hook for the rim
15mm hook for the main part.
1 ball of 150g SMC Lumio, or any other super bulky/chunky wool. Any colour you wish.
Darning needle.
A big button (optional)


ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

dc = double crochet

htr = half treble

tr = treble

tr2tog = treble 2 together

sk 2 = skip 2 stitches


With the 8mm hook ch enough stitches for it to fit around your head, ensuring there are no twists in it.
I made a chain of 52 and my head is 55cms circumference.

Sl st to the first chain, ensuring there are no twists.

Row 1-3
Dc in each stitch to end. Sl st to first st.

Row 4
Repeat row 1-3 but make the stitches looser to allow the next row easier to crochet with the thicker hook.


Row 5 – 7
Using the 15mm hook, ch 2.
Tr, htr, dc in the next st (3 stitches in one stitch), ch 1, sk 2 st, tr, htr, dc in next st all the way around. At the end, instead of a sl st, carry on in a spiral manner.

If you like a longer slouchie hat, do more rows of the above before decreasing


I use the long starting tail as a guide to where the row would start again.


Start decreasing


Tr2tog, (yo, hook through ch sp, yo, pull through, yo pull through the first 2 st. Yo, hook through the NEXT ch sp, yo, pull through, yo, pull through first 2 st, yo pull through all 3 stitches on hook.)

Carry on doing htr dc, in 2nd space, ch1.
*Tr, htr, dc, ch1 in the next 4 spaces. Sk 2 st
Tr2tog, htr, dc in 2nd sp, ch1, sk 2 st*

Repeat between *&* until the end of the row, use starting tail as a guide.

Row 9
*Tr2tog, htr, dc in 2nd sp. Ch1. Tr, htr, dc, ch1,  in next 3 sp.*
Repeat from * to * until the end.


*Tr2tog, htr, dc in 2nd sp, ch1,sk 2 st. Tr, htr, dc on next 2 spaces. Repeat from * to end.

Row 11 & 12ll
Tr, htr, dc, ch1, sk 2 st in each ch sp, ch1 all around

Fasten off leaving a long tail. Cut yarn and thread a large darning needle.


Guide the needle through the top stitches to close the hole.


Pull the yarn tight, thread the yarn through to the other side and anchor the yarn so it is secure. To finish off the hat, I double crocheted in every stitch around the rim of the hat to even off before attaching the button.

I ensured that the seam of the rim sat at the back of my head and the “slouch” fell over it. For this hat I placed a button on the left hand side so that the seam (not that noticable but I always notice) will always be hidden. I do not have a button on my hat at time of publish but I will soon.


I see that I am still covered in glitter 😀

I gave this one to the Tulip mother. The tulip said it looked like a hat Sinterklaas’ helpers wear. Sinterklaas and his helpers arrived in Holland yesterday 16/11/2013. So this is a present to celebrate that.

If you come across anything on this pattern that didn’t work,  please let me know 🙂


Edited to revise the pattern…

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